I'm quitting life to become an otter.
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@AlexAllTimeLow: For real though, I’m proud to watch @Calum5SOS @Michael5SOS @Luke5SOS and @Ashton5SOS do the damn thing *and blow the FUCK up. So rad.

If the time comes when they’re selling out arenas and we’re not there yet, I would happily open up for those guys. The bands that continue to have success are the ones that can take a step back and say, “Screw it, let’s open for this younger band” — [x]

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"White people looking for something they lost." I physically died.

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Im actually crying 

"it’s fine"

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this is never going to not be funny 

reminder that Chris Pratt is, in fact, real life Emmet Brickowski.

Every time I watch this I have a dumb grin on my face for like 15 minutes after

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